Our values

Step forward

„Learn and grow constantly and teach and help others grow constantly“

it is our work motto; the fundamental value of life is self-development, which is defined by activities leading to personal growth and progress by:

  • Developing inherited traits, enhancing positive and suppressing negative traits (self-education),
  • Extending the acquired general and expert knowledge (self-study),
  • Increasing acquired practical abilities, skills and knowledge (self-training).
Our values
  • Credibility and reliability
  • Expertise and education
  • Friendly and family approach
  • Performance and innovation
  • Honesty and humility
  • Profitability and business approach
  • Knowledge and self-development
  1. Communication - readiness and ability to consciously and harmoniously communicate, i.e. to tell others about yourself as clearly and comprehensibly as possible, to listen to others consciously, to be able to distinguish essential matters from irrelevant ones, to be helpful to others, and to pay great attention to their nonverbal signals.
  2. Cooperation - readiness and ability to participate actively and responsibly in group work processes, i.e. to disseminate knowledge, to be helpful to others and respect their ideas and beliefs, to keep the agreed “rules of the game” and not to lose sight of the common goal.
  3. Independence and performance - seize the initiative, work in a focused, conscious and persistent manner.
  4. Know your own strengths and weaknesses and be able to cope with criticism productively, work purposefully, with concentration and plan, try to get information independently and find solutions, hold your own opinions against others, be open to criticism and also be able to take responsibility and take advantage of the possibilities.
  5. Creativity - process information independently, plan results, document and collect by systematic procedures and use prudent thinking to optimise workflows, be open to learning new and original practices, accessible to unusual, underused solutions, identify problems and break them down into parts, search for and find alternatives for solutions, integrate partial solutions meaningfully into an overall solution and know the best practices leading to the goal.
  6. Responsibility - take reasonable responsibility or co-responsibility, know how to estimate the consequences of your actions, recognise the importance of trustworthy, reliable actions, positively influence team performance, identify with the task to perform, act consciously and reliably, defend others, act with confidence, in a friendly way and appropriately in the situation, to present problems for discussion and to urge their clarification.
  7. Thinking and learning - develop your ability to learn, think in context and systemically, know your approach to learning, develop it in view of the gaps in your own learning and learning difficulties, driven by curiosity and interest, try to get to new sources of information and use them in a meaningful way, distinguish between important and unimportant, and recognise causes and links in complex situations, and combine new knowledge with what you already know, so in the future you will also be able to apply it meaningfully to new situations.
  8. Evaluation, feedback and perseverance - objectively, systematically and consistently rationalise and evaluate your work results, common work results of a team, and results of others, use reasonable criteria and measures of values and give them adequate weight, know how to systematically summarise results and learn to work independently based on your own decisions and rationale, and you also want feedback from others.