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Many people do not have time to earn money because of their work: they exchange time for money and ruin their health. You can build passive income alongside your work or business, or you can build it with us and let the money and system work for you while you live your dreams…


We believe that successful people earn a lot of money, care for their health and fitness, develop good relationships with friends, have enough time for family, keep working on themselves, and learn and have a fulfilling job.


Network marketing is one of the biggest business opportunities of the 21st century. You can become a co-owner of a successful company in one of the most promising industries with one of the most demanded products. Share a successful and proven system, apply it in practice, help as many people as possible with their dreams and goals, and your money and goals will sort themselves out…

“Selling investment gold combined with networking is a unique business opportunity for the next decade.” Majos Alexandros

“The golden rule of negotiation is: The one with gold sets the rules.” Donald Trump

“Gold makes an empire.” 
Filip Macedónsky

“Debtors will fail, markets will collapse, but gold as the safest form of money will go up.” 
Michael Belkin

“You have to choose whether you believe in the natural stability of gold or the honesty and intelligence of government members. With all due respect to these gentlemen, we advise you to choose gold as long as capitalism is capitalism.” G. B. Shaw

“In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from the thief of inflation. Nothings protects value more safely than gold.” Alan Greenspan



Fairy tales about money your parents could not know.

ROYAL Golden Group, a.s. is a partner of this project, a generously illustrated book of fairy tales by two renowned economists and bestselling authors. Every fairy tale in the book is about money. The stories are full of fairy-tale characters, cunning crooks and wise and less wise people and animals.

All the fairy tales have one thing in common. They explain the basic concepts of financial literacy in a kind and natural manner. The book will teach you how to behave in life to avoid any financial difficulties.

Highly recommended for everyone… not just children…



ROYAL Golden Group


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